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Every  room deserves...

...Some Flair

My Projects

Here some photos that I love from various projects.

Click on a photo to learn more about the space.

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My Design

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder - to me style is the same way. My job is to make your dreams about your space come true. Often times, I start with something inspirational - or a "muse" so to say. Other times I let my own creativity soar. I always encourage input from my clients so that they get the best use of the space after all the beautiful pictures are taken. All of the spaces I work on has its own personality. Staying true to myself is what brings that je ne sais quoi- Or shall I say, staying true to myself is what brings that FLAIR to a space. 


My Services

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Full Interior Designing

Small Space Makeover

Okay so you might be stuck, and don't know what to do to a space and you just need me to do it all.... I got you - start to finish, head to toe... or ceiling to floor.

Empty corner? Empty Wall? Ugly Coffee table? Need a new workspace? I can handle that for you.

Ever asked yourself: What would Blair Do? Let's connect to get some ideas brewing - maybe you want to know what color to paint a room, or how to plan a layout. Get my ideas and take it from there. 

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